Fantasy Fiesta 2012! Coming Soon!


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Author of Akkadia: Gerbang Sungai Tigris, host & jury of Fantasy Fiesta, webmaster of Kastil Fantasi, storymaster of Estarath, bad dreamer and always a newbie writer
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52 Responses to Fantasy Fiesta 2012! Coming Soon!

  1. nonepersona says:

    pengen banget ikut…..tapi amatir~~~

  2. nonepersona says:

    karna ada temannya……jadinya ikut aja~ TwT

  3. Voxa says:


    gak ngerti tapi kalo mao ikut boleh?

  4. r3r3n says:

    Wahh aku maren komen bingung kok gak nyampe? Tapi lupa comment dimana? Wkwkwkw :D

  5. Where is Mr. Yabba-Dabba-Doo?

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